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Lefleur get your head out of your ass on third and short

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4 minutes ago, Flashlite80 said:

As far as Zach, he stunk it up, but things would have been better if he had an offensive line.  Hard to lose 5 top performers and stop good teams with what's left.  Lack of time, takes away half the playbook.

Fair enough, but abandoning the pocket and rolling right takes half the field away. A Pats defense will eat you alive every time.

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9 minutes ago, Jetty said:

If a nascar driver is terrible at driving do we blame the engineer of the car? Flacco, White and Josh Johnson all played better in LaFleur offense than Zach. Stop coddling him. He sucks.

And if Flacco, White and Wilson all suck, who do you blame? 

In their last games as a starter, Flacco/White/Wilson are a combined 72/137, 52%, 2 TDS, 9 Ints.

Maybe Johnson is the guy? Or maybe little Mikey only good at the play-calling thing, when we're 30 points down to the Colts? 

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LeFluer, Is part of the QB problem. His play calling sucks. I felt he was a pad pick by Sala to be his OC. I didn't like his play calling last year and I don't like it this year. Zach's failure to improve is on the Coaching staff and Le Fleur's play calling. I know the injuries on the O line don't help but the coaching staff has to coach the back ups better. Plus Le Fluer is too pass happy. Running the ball is the thing that gets you O linemen in sync. Games are won and lost on the practice field! You play like you practice on game day!

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