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Zach Wilson is just fine, he's right where he should be, this fanbase has lost their minds!


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10 hours ago, JetsRay said:


Yes...  the problem with most young QB's that are top of the draft draft picks is they are inserted into the line up right away and never given the time to develop, grow up, mature, earn their role as a starter and a leader...

Even the best QB's sat their first year...

Zach has a ton of talent, and he's shown it this year.

He's also shown he has a lot of growing up to do.

Now he learns humility, and has to earn his role back.

It's the best move possible for Zach Wilson

And it took guts from Saleh to bench him as he has done with other players who fail to understand they aren't "entitled" to anything, and they are accountable to the rest of the team. 

Saleh is fast becoming a very good head coach!!

Weird how starting immediately didn’t hurt Allen, Jackson, Herbert and Tua. Even Sam was better

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On 11/30/2022 at 2:01 PM, VJphillyfan said:

Weird how starting immediately didn’t hurt Allen, Jackson, Herbert and Tua. Even Sam was better

I suspect starting right away has no appreciable difference in ultimate success. Now, it would probably be impossible to verify or preclude this hypothesis, since there would be the huge confounding variable of self-selection bias that better players (skill, maturity, camp performance, etc.) tend to get the keys sooner.

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On 11/1/2022 at 7:41 PM, neckdemon said:

its a lot more than just footwork and confidence. actually i'm not even sure that confidence is a problem. its a complete lack of spacial awareness and an inability to find open receivers and then throw accurate passes. pretty much he is sh*t at the things you need to be good at to be a good qb

This is pretty much it. As soon as he sees a oncoming rusher, he runs (usually the wrong way, into more rushers) or folds over to get hit - it is clear he is afraid of getting hit, as if it is not part of the job description.

I haven't had the patience to sit through a full Jets game in years (thank goodness for youtube highlight videos) so I sat through a bunch of them on ZW and his awful play this year. The fact of the matter is that he ranked last of all starting QBs, and the issue is this: is there enough talent, athletic ability, intelligence and motivation contained in him, with the right coaching and a functional offensive line, to turn him into an NFL QB. It also seems as if his teammates don't like him; when he is sacked, they don't even hustle to help him up, or help him when he runs out of bounds like you normally see.

His decision making is atrocious; he takes WAY too long to decide who/where to throw the ball, and his passes are highly inaccurate (over the receiver's head, way too short, etc). 

I am not a scout or pro football coach, and he is playing with an OL that is not a wall by any stretch, but one wonders if it is due to their hating playing with him, or something else, because they were able to run block for Breece Hall, and pass block a bit better for Mike White.

I am not sure where to go with him, but as I said in the other thread I would sign Baker as THE GUY and see if you can trade ZW for some picks or an OL, and see if he is developed elsewhere. If the Jets hold true to form, he'll be the next Drew Brees in another city, as Darnold is looking better with Carolina lately. If not, he'll just be another Ryan Leaf.

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On 10/31/2022 at 5:08 AM, JetsRay said:

Zach Wilson is a 2nd year QB, still developing, still learning, and is right where he needs to be.

The knee jerk reactions are so over the top ridiculous I feel like this place is being infiltrated with 3rd graders. This fan base is an embarrassment, and many of you should be ashamed.

While the INT's sucked, there was a ton of good that we can take from this game and Zach's performance.

Last week it was "OMG he only threw for 120 yds," this week he throws for 350, exactly as anybody with any logic or reason would suspect with Breece Hall gone and the team having to rely on the pass, and he did a lot of good things, but that isn' enough for our arm chair scouts.

Two of the INT's were Zach trying to do too much, trying to salvage the drive, they were 3rd and long throws, and they sailed on him, both of those plays are plays he's both going to make someday, and learn to not throw them. He'll work on mechanics, it is fixable. The 3rd INT when he was trying to get rid of the ball, he didn't get it far enough out of bounds, also fixable, he knew it right away and the rest of the game you saw him correct that.

He moved the ball, made great throws, the first TD to Conklin was an amazing throw. Our running game was not running on all cylinders just yet with JRob playing in his first game on a limited pitch count because he's had 3 days of practice in our system.

STOP THE BS Jets fans, this is a 2nd year QB, he's played 18 total games.

We are still 5-3, we still have a season, the Pats and Belichick have always been a team that knows how to attack a defense and make QB's look bad. Have some ******* patience.

Blah Blah Blah Reaction GIF by Travis

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