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Josh Allen’s 20th game


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13 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I agree and am absolutely of the belief that they have to let Zach sink or swim. Those picks were disgusting, but he coupled them with some of his best ever completions. If they’re going to play the dude, let him play. They aren’t a Super Bowl squad regardless. 


15 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

The other major thing that sticks out to me is that this point, whether shaky or not, the Bills dialed back nothing for him.  Throwing 30 times a game week in week out.  This was either a calculated development decision where they realized babying him would no longer help him grow, or they saw the breakout coming.  I have a hard time imagining it’s 100% the latter, so regardless of what Zach does/does not do the next couple of months, I say they gotta let it rip and what will happen, happens.  

Agree with ya'll, completely. 

The Jets have to let this guy sink or swim. Odds are heavy he sinks to Atlantis at this point, but let him throw. He actually threw for some yards last week. You can build on that. The Jets aren't getting a wildcard spot playing ground and pound without AVT and Breece Hall, so you might as well let this guy throw the ball around the lot and see if he can learn how to limit the ridiculous mistakes. Also, get him out of the pocket more and let him take more deep shots. 

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19 hours ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

9 more games

lets see where he ends up 


I don't want to give up on the second overall pick after 18 games.  It's getting harder.  But there are some easily correctable mistakes like this instinct to escape the pocket and pussy foot too long right before going out of bounds and launching a duck.  But his mechanics are getting worse and he still struggles with the short stuff.

He's got a live arm and has good mobility.  

I'm happy Saleh said Zach is our starter this year no matter what because we have to see if he can improve and Mike White and Joe Flacco certainly aren't the guys.  So keep Zach playing and we'll hold our breath every drop back.

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I hate to beat a dead horse, but Allen is presently great against pressure. Wilson is terrible.

Everything’s nice when it’s clean for Wilson. We saw that at BYU. Unfortunately there is no NFL situation in which a quarterback doesn’t get pressured at all.

What can Wilson and the coaching staff do to make him a quarterback who doesn’t completely crumble when he’s pressured? Is there an example of a quarterback who was at the bottom of the league in terms of production when pressured who turned it around and became good? Because that’s what’s preventing him from being an effective quarterback right now.

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18 hours ago, sciond said:

Nice thing about Zach if only throws 2 int's next he will have shown improvement

If you really want to, you can say that Sunday WAS improvement already.

Game 1 vs. NE - 0 TDs / 4 INTs

Game 3 vs. NE - 2 TDs / 3 INTs


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Stats are the most ridiculous thing to compare in football. Too many other factors. Would our egos feel better if 2 of Breece Halls catches made it one more yard  so Zach would be credited with 2 more TDs? (FYI, Zach leads the NFL by far in receptions tackled withing the 10 yardline). Its absurd, Zach Wilson's play (like every QB before and after him) played a role in losing to the Patriots. We are all hurting because of this. He has played a total of 18 games. He is coming off a major injury where the team went 4-0 (before the Pats game) with no turn overs. Zach played a major role in those wins. Against the Pats, he had a let down, had a few misses plus the INTs, totally needs to improve. The INT before the half (IMO) is the worst one and on him. The 2 others were throw aways that were not thrown far enough away. Not sure what he was thinking but also seems correctable, just throw the ball fully away.  What seems to be lost in this is that he threw for 355 and 2 TDs agaisnt a Bill Bellicheck defense. This coming off some impressive wins on the road plus a strong end of last season. Not sure what is expected, none of the other Qbs from his class look any better ar worse. The same could be said for most HOF Qbs at the start of their careers. Warren Moon, both Mannings, Aaron Rogers, Steve Young, Teseverde, they all struggled. When we took Zach #2 overalll we were in it for the long run, the alternative is that we are developing Zach to reach his potential with his next team. 

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16 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

It's annoying. Allen was a ridiculous statistical outlier in achieving success and now any terrible QB could suddenly become good in year 3! I'm amazed at the people who can't comprehend because someone won the lottery doesn't mean that you're likely to win the lottery. 

Those same people also think that you should draft a quarterback in the 6th round every year because you might find the next Brady. 

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3 hours ago, JetsRay said:

What a juvenile and disingenuous response.

If you say so.  I think comparisons of Wilson to Allen are disingenuous, as well as ignorant.

3 hours ago, JetsRay said:

No, that isn't at all what he's saying, he's saying that young QB's take time to develop and have looked awful at times in their first couple of years.

Most that look awful never become great.

So I'll ask again, what makes a Josh Allen comparison to Zach Wilson appropriate.  What similarities between the two players and their situations exist to make such a comparison valid?

Why not a Zach Wilson to Sam Darnold comparison.  They both looked awful in their first couple of years, why isn't Darnold the apt comparison?

You remember Danrold, right Ray.  You used to hate us all for not believing in him too.

3 hours ago, JetsRay said:

Wilson can still be a good QB, and it takes more than 1 year for a QB to reach his potential.

He could.  The odds do not favor it.

And he hasn't had one year, he's mid-way through his second year.  And in both seasons he's been among the worst QB's in the NFL.

His injuries and missed time are not positives.

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What is our record if Zach's preseason injury was for the season? Do we go on a 4 banger with Flacco? I feel like we'd be 3-5 instead of 5-3 and NOT because Zach saved our season, but they totally relied on the ground and pound mentality which I doubt the would have done with Flacco. Imagine a QB like Pennington on this offense? Jesus...

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On 10/31/2022 at 1:35 PM, August said:

Josh Allen year 2

3089 Yards

20 TD’s

9 Int’s


if Zach was on pace for this we’d feel like we potentially have our guy….

ZW has 1048 yards now,  if you average that out over a full season it would be around 3500 yards. 

You also forgot to mention fumbles.... in which Allen had 14 of in that year.  Allen had 29 total TDs and 23 turnovers.  

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