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Fans attending the Jets Bills game on Sunday


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Be sure to get there early, have a designated driver, and get blind, stinking drunk so you won't realize what's happening as the Bills beat the Jets 45 to 3

Try to stay sober early to catch some Bills fans breaking their spines on a Costco folding table. 


Suggestion: Bills fans should bring psychotic homeless men to have bum fights, since they seem to enjoy turn of the century stupidity so much. 


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14 hours ago, Trotter said:

It’s not all bad - they shoot t shirts into the stands and joe Nolan bless his heart screams it’s 3rd down when they are down by more than 10 and everyone in the stadium knows it is over

Hey Joe Nolan. When the Jets fail to get off the field 3rd down after 3rd down, maybe consider cutting the schtick, ok? 

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16 hours ago, Chewy and the Jets said:

I've had season tickets for 20+ years.  Go to 2 or 3 games a year because of kids, life, traffic, and mostly because the team hasn't been worth the trek from long island.  This season it was Baltimore and yesterday.  Literally in the past 7-8 years I cannot remember walking out of the building with a win.   I have a suggestion to the Jets:  stop making big plans to encourage fans to show up early and to get loud.  We are not your problem.  You are your problem.  We always bring our A game and you never do.  It's a joke already.   We can talk about the roughing penalty or Wilson's awful picks and they were all brutal.  But when the tone of the game was to be established we let Mac Jones carve us up at least five times on 3rd and long and couldn't get off the field.  Our special teams were awful.  Our play calling including abandoning the run and a total lack of any reliable call to get 2 yards on third down are abysmal.   And maybe the worst play of them all is overlooked:  down 2 scores with plenty of time left, 4th and 5, Zach Wilson steps up and instead of running for the first down which was wide open he decides it's better to try and thread a 25 yard pass between 3 defenders.   I mean did they not watch the Bears game at all?  It was on MNF for g-d's sake.  Not one scramble by the QB to gain key yards or loosen up the difference.  Just a RPO in the red zone when the defense had 11 guys stacked on the line and ZW runs it anyway.  Was a pathetic performance.  Message to Jets:  worry about yourselves if it was up to the fans we wouldn't be 53 years and counting between championships.          

Honestly it seems like your going to the games could be the issue.

The Jets haven't been great at home the last 7 years,  23-33 record.  but if you have gone to 2 or 3 games a year without a win - that's crazy.

0-14 to 0-21 with you in the stands

23-21 to 23-14 without you in the stands.  


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