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3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

The TEAM wasn't trash last week..  Just one guy was.

Ok you got me there. But they all did fall apart in the 4th. 

I think it's the 1 guy getting to me and coaching just sticks with it instead of having some outside the box plays. 

I'm personally tired of side throws that go behind the line of scrimmage when it's 3 and 5

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1 minute ago, Rangers9 said:

Zach not playing bad today. Not great but what you’d expect. 

He has made quick decisions, no backpedaling, no turnovers.


Not every throw was perfect, Garrett has made a couple of twisting catches, but ZW has looked OK today.

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This feels like yet another game where the Jets coaching staff, particularly on offense, has managed the game situation and the clock at the end of the first half really, really well.

They’ve now done this several times this year, scoring with very little time left in the half. 

I think the coaching staff is getting better on a number of fronts.

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