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7 minutes ago, shevys said:

Awesome team win!! Personally I think Sauce may have gotten away with PI on that last play but hey, I will take it!! 

Great win!! Gonna make a short work week that much sweeter. 

Davis initiated contact first with an extended arm, it was a good no call. 

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1 minute ago, Dunnie said:

He was excellent , accurate, decisive and smart with the ball.

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He wasn't excellent.  He was solid and played mistake-free. 

The defense won the game for us.  And the star on the game winning drive was the running game.  

This is NOT a criticism of Zach.  He played a solid game.

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8 hours ago, T0mShane said:

This is The Zach Game. Honeymoon is over for him, the brickbats and boo-birds are out, and he’s getting hammered by every NFL analyst in a way that, honestly, is harsher in tone than even Sanchez dealt with. My pre-draft criticism of him was he was likely a mushy, sheltered Utah rich-boy who would melt once he started getting booed by Jets fans, and now here we are. He’s been defensive and chippy in press conferences, his receivers are frustrated, and his coaches just elevated fan- and team-favorite Mike White to the QB2 spot. It’s put up or shut up time, and it comes against the best team in football right before the BYE. How he handles today determines the course of his Jets career. Best of luck to him.

I'm happy with him today. Still a long way to go, but after his last start it's hard not to be encouraged. 

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5 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

I'm rooting for Zach to be good but it's not like he was great today.  He was solid but nothing great.  A couple of bad passes but no major mistakes.


He was better than solid if you take into account this was done against the best D in the NFL

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