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Midseason Roster Review


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For the first time in 3 seasons, the Jets control their own destiny. In Sam Darnold's last year, we controlled our draft pick by being able to lose out and go 0-16, securing pick 1.1. Today, the Jets control their playoff destiny by winning out and securing a wildcard spot, if not the Division. Midway through this season, I wanted to look at the players that have gotten us here. The State of the Union for the jets roster.



Our safeties have been above average this season. We are officially in the post Adams-Maye era, and have rebounded relatively well. Joyner has played as a replacement level starter, not a liability but not a great asset. He should be replaced soon, due to his age and level of play. Whitehead has been pretty good, but a little disappointing based on how well he played in Tampa. He has been pretty good and well above replacement level, but not pro bowl caliber. Our safeties have been good, not great on the back end.


Our corners have been studs, giving us the best defensive backfield since Cromartie and Revis. Sauce has been the best corner in the NFL this year and is as lockdown as it gets in the modern NFL. He is well on his way to DROY, with a pro bowl and potentially an all pro nod in his future. DJ Reed has been an excellent surprise. He fits our scheme perfectly and has played at a top 10 level. He should earn a pro bowl selection, but his name may not be big enough to garner votes. These two have given the Jets the best corner tandem in the league by a country mile. Michael Carter seems to be our CB3, and has done a good job in his nickel/slot role. A replacement level starting corner running as our CB3 is no cause for concern. All of these guys are young and cheap right now, and we should be able to ride these guys for a few more years.


Does anyone else remember opening day against Buffalo a few years back when CJ Mosely was the best player in football for 30 minutes? Pepperidge Farm remembers. He has played pretty well this season, being above average in coverage and a tackle machine. He has been a good defensive QB, and is on the cusp of being a pro bowler, but I doubt he gets selected. Kwon has been another nice surprise, joining Saleh off the street. He has played like 75% of Mosley. Considering we had nobody in that spot heading into camp, Kwon has filled in well and showed he still belongs in the NFL. I hope he likes NY, Saleh, the Jets, and the fans enough to stick around for a few more years. Quincy has been my favorite player on the defense over the last 2 years. Twenty years ago this guy would have been a star. He isn't a coverage linebacker, but is an absolute thumper. You can tell when he's the one to make a tackle. He is as secure of a tackler as it gets, wrapping up with excellent form and laying the wood when he does. A perfect fit for early and short yardage downs, but does not have a large role in passing downs. 

Defensive Edge

Our edge play this season has been greater than the sum of its parts. On paper, we don't look that intimidating. Lawson has not been the pass rusher we hoped he would be when he signed, but we kind of saw this coming with his Achilles injury. Its disappointing, but out of his hands and the hands of the coaching staff. He's been a good piece, but not the edge threat we had hoped for. JJ has flashed and looked promising, his athleticism is off the charts. Due to injury we haven't seen much of him, but we should be excited for the back half of the season. JFM has played fine. Full transparency, I've never been a big JFM fan and I do not think he has played up to his contract. Still, he's made plays (sometimes for the offense) and offers versatility to a group that loves to rotate. He has value because of how Saleh runs his defense, but is not the stud we wanted when he got his extension. Conversely,  I love me some Bryce Huff. Its a shame he hasn't gotten more reps because he always seems to get after the QB. He ended Buffalo's drive last week with a strip sack. High motor guy who always seems to push the pocket at the bare minimum. I'm hoping he can develop into a full time edge rusher, growing into Lawson's spot. Michael Clemmons is in the same boat as JJ and Huff. Has flashed, but hasn't had enough reps to make a strong impact. He is young, and can eventually grow into a JFM replacement. 

Interior D-Line

After two years of steady growth, Quinnen Williams has become the player we wanted when we took him 3rd overall. He has not quite been a game wrecker, but is a very good pass rusher and very good run stuffer. He is the centerpiece of our defensive front and should be a lock for the pro bowl and deserves an all pro. I've seen people talk about DPOY, but I doubt he brings in that award. Still, an excellent player. Sheldon Rankins is another player that has benefitted from Saleh's system. He has a role as an interior pass rusher and has been serviceable against the run. These guys together have been an elite unit against the run. Our pass rush has been good but not great, We are still pining for that great edge rusher.



Corey Davis has continued to be our 'number one' and has produced well with Wilson. Prior to his injury, he had been Wilson's favorite target. However, injuries in the last two seasons have really limited his success in NY. His future and his role here is up in the air depending on his health and the talent coming in, but is an asset when he is on the field. Garret Wilson looks to be out future one. He has great hands, really good separation, and is better after the catch than he gets credit for. He is building a rapport with Zach, and I am looking forward to the Gary-Zach connection developing. Braxton Berrios has been exactly what we wanted, Steady return man, great gadget player, and sure handed in the slot. No complaints from Brass Balls Berrios and he fills his role perfectly. Elijah Moore is antisemitic now I guess. Not sure what his role is here going forward. He hasn't produced this season, then whined his way into the dog house. He is getting moved into the slot after our bye, so he has a chance to start producing. Jury is out on Moore. Denzel Mims is playing football :)

Tight End

Our tight end room is the odd man out of the offense. Conklin and Uzomah have been disappointing, and Conklin seems to have taken the starting job. They are both decent blockers, and Conklin seems to disappear occasionally, but has made a few plays this season. Ruckert has been nonexistent. Our TE room needs an upgrade, preferably to someone who can catch. 


Breece Hall is a menace to society. Explosive, fast, and an absolute S T U D. Shame we lost him early in the year, but he should be back with a vengeance. Michael Carter has been exactly what we expected. Great contact balance and a threat receiving. Still, he does not have that 'it' factor that Hall has. Good back, but not a bell cow. Enter James Robinson. Robinson is a beefier Michael Carter. He has looked good so far, but has not had enough touches to make any judgement. Our backfield is set for the future.


The fun part of the write up. Wilson has been ... interesting? When we were running the ball, Wilson settled down as a fine game manager. When asked to shoulder the offense, he pissed his pants. Hard. However he played well against Buffalo. His arm is excellent. His scrambling is fun and terrifying. Still, there is not much to say here. We all have our own opinions. Joe Flacco is still elite. He also thinks I am weird because I told him I am friends with the girl that babysat his kids. This is true.  Mike "Swear Word" White is still there. Sometimes I wish we were living in the alternate timeline where Mike "Swear Word" White became our Brady. I will forever be chasing the high of being at that Bengal's game. I suppose that's what hard drugs are for.


The island of misfit toys, but football. I have nothing to say about Becton. Do I hope he comes back healthy and as good as we was year one, of course. Still, I would rather bet on my dad saying he is proud of me. Odds are -350000. Duane Brown has been a street pickup that filled in valiantly. He hasn't been fantastic and he's 38, but has been as good as you could hope for given the situation. We haven't gotten to see much of Fant, but he has looked fine as far as I can tell. Max Mitchell has been better than expected. For a fourth round developmental tackle, Mitchell was playing well when healthy. Hopefully he comes back and can grow into a starting caliber tackle. Laken Tomlinson has been underwhelming, but still an upgrade. Not much to say about him. AVT has been our best lineman by far, He can play any tackle or guard spot, and play them well. He deserved a pro bowl selection before his injury. He should be a high level plug and play starter for the next decade and a half. Nate Herbig came out of nowhere and I love him. You could tell he would be a road grader just based off of his name. He came off the street and has played well, especially in the run game. McGovern has been McGovern. Our guard situation is set, but we need a tackle who can play and stay healthy. Banking on Fant and Mitchell is a risk. We could use an upgrade at center, but McGovern has been serviceable


Braden Mann is no longer suck? Our punter punts good, hit an onsides kick and looks like spiderman. what is there not to love. Greg the Leg is an NFL caliber kicker. This means more than I would have expected. 


All in all our roster is far improved. Our defense is pretty much set. We could use a better safety and a true edge rusher, but otherwise we are set. On offense we have a bit more work to do. We need another weapon. Davis and Moore are question marks, and we do not have a tight end that is a threat. Assuming Moore decides he wants to not be racist and play well, our receiving room is good not great depending on Davis' future. We certainly need a TE. We need to figure out our tackle situation. We need to bring in a dependable FA or draft someone in the first two rounds. But the issue is Wilson. This offense and the fate of this roster depends on Wilson. Will he rise to the challenge? I don't know but he pulls MILFs, and that's pretty cool. 

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