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I went to Draftdaddy.com and it's nice to see the familiar names of JN posters there.

Great job guys.

And great of you to pay tribute to Joel Buschbaum. He was one of the best. I miss reading his stuff at PFW. Joel's were the only draft guides and post draft analysis I bought.



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Thanks Thor...Glad to see that, I wonder what they where talking about?

90% of the content is typed by me, so I'll take it as a compliment :Typotux:

By the way, I owe you a thank you Thor.....I took some car advice from one of your posts about 2 months and it really worked out for me, I think :yahoo:

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Thanks NewJetser, Kentucky and all....that site can be monster, content wise, so a nice supply of asprin can come in handy at times :bag:

I knew we hit the big time this week, when I posted the DD.com "All-Ring Tailed Lemurs Team" -- these players are prospects climbing quickly, after excelling in the spotlight of the Combine and Pro Days (real RTL's are world class climbers and love bright lights)....

Anyway, we posted this photo (best photo we ever linked at DD.com): http://www.caribbeangardens.com/Visitor_Info/zoo-events/ring-tailed-lemur.jpg

After about a half a day it got so many hits, the zoo had to take it down for about 3 days....:Nuts:

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Well done, gentlemen. Continued success. This is like Christmas shopping

season to you guys. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Bugg. End of the draft season will make the stress of having to update the site much easier, but I guess you get addicted to seeing the hit counts rise and rise each week...

A few weeks after the draft, it will spiral downward quickly.....which is :Nuts:

Storm Shadow, thanks for the input with the site....same with Green Jets & Ham....fans love his mocks -- love. It gets an amazing amount of hits and links from outside.

Air Force Jet has also been invaluable for spotlights and we are hoping to work in Thunderbird....He's real good.

Any bit helps. We've even used some YJF posts. As always, his stuff is great.

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You guys get a ton of hits, I think you guys should give us some free advertisement after we built you that site for such an amazing price ;)

Are you saying bit and Riggs stiffed you?:eek:

Maybe bit can get an interest free loan from DFat and pay you off.;)

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Thanks Thor...Glad to see that, I wonder what they where talking about?

They were talking about the Vince Young blurb you had on the front page. About him being stupid and dropping out of the top 10.

Ian Beckles (former Jet) went on to praise your site a bit.

Good luck with the car.

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Tex, that's Bitonti department - site maintainence.....95% of the words/ideas on the site I write, that's all I can comment on :Typotux:

Basically, I'm the one who gets flooded with the E-mails from frustrated parents who claim their sons are ranked too low or not ranked at all :Cuss:

Some of these people seem to forget there are like 900 players vying for NFL spots (draft/rookie free agents) and I'm only 1 person with limited time to expose these players -- they should hassle Kiper, it's his full time job :baby:


Thor, thanks for the heads up....I don't remember Beckles that well, but just reading his bio, I can see why he likes us:

1) I spend a lot of times on Canadian's -- he's from Montreal.

2) I've been way too complimentary regarding Central Florida players -- were he is located.

3) I've also said some good things about Univ. of Indiana players very recently, where he went to school.

If he really does read the blog, I promise to surprise him and mention his name soon and link his show....I know a way to do that and be relevant to the current players :beer_Orcish:


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Good for both of you guys R44 and Bit- I know all the hard work that goes into something like the site you have - the updated content and maintenance is a never ending job. Kudos to both of you

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