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Jets fans really are just the best fans


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4 hours ago, peebag said:

I sure saw a lot of Bills jerseys in the stands last Sunday.

I went to the Miami game this year, and it felt like thousands of Fins fans were in the stadium.  I would have loved to have those seats filled with Jets fans.

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Can't recall the teams (Oakland maybe, Chargers?) where they had so few fans they tarped off the entire upper decks.

At least were not photoshopping fans in the seats like they did during covid! Surprised NFL teams don't have a policy where if you can't go to a game, the team can have you photoshopped in your seats cheering your team on for the low low price of $200 per game!

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Love how the Cowboys are on top of that list. The Jets have more AFCCG appearances since 1997 than the Cowboys have playoff wins in that time period. And yet, every year they are just good enough to remind people of their 70s-90s greatness and get their money

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14 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Even better they are showing up to a large air conditioning unit.

Blah blah blah… much better than the dump that was Giants stadium and much better than most stadiums in terms of field view etc. if you just like flashy designs I guess keep being mad.

Also if you did 2 min of research you would know the exterior of MetLife was designed specifically to stop the stupid wind that plagued the field at giants stadium… and it works… thank goodness they cared about actual football impact and football viewing and didn’t listen to cry babies like you.

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