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Expecting Fant & Mitchell Back vs. Pats


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Leave everything the way it is unless someone starts to be a problem. OG did a good job on the right side. He's a former first round pick who was projected as a project, so he had bounced around a lot. This scheme appears to be a good fit for him.

Fant can resume his old Seattle role lining up next to Brown in that hybrid TE/6th lineman role.

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20 minutes ago, 32EBoozer said:

Jets run approximately 60-70 offensive plays/game. In a run heavy game plan that’s a lot of running around… especially on a 10-15 play drive for a 330 lb. 37 year old. Keep him fresh as we make a push for the P. O. 

Does 6-7 snaps/GM sound like shuffling? This isn’t hockey!


I think you are over dramatizing how much OL run on a play. Also, 37 isn't  old. It's  old for a lot of positions in football but not OL. 

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6 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

That’s fair. Compared to other starting  LT in the league he is underpaid. Curious if he makes a little stink about that?

The issue I have is that he just signed his new deal only 1/2 season ago.  The second issue I have is that he has a problem with his shoulder, that he is fighting through right now, to his enormous credit, IMO.

He missed a couple or 3 games, I'm not sure.  Do you think he would make a stink about his salary after he just signed his deal, and missed a few games, and add to it that we don't know how the shoulder will respond over the long haul, after the season.  Do you think that JD would take a chance and up his salary? I don't think so.  He is only on a 2 year deal, and he will be 38 years old at the end of the deal.  

What I do think is that he is a guy that the Jets would want to bring back next year, since he is proving that he wants to be on the field, and could have easily said "I'm hurt, and can't play".  He should get respect for that, and for me, I give him much respect.

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