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NFLPA calls for 'immediate replacement and ban' from slit-firm turf field


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6 hours ago, THE BARON said:

Breece just came to mind.  Was thinking about teams/fans that lose players in general.  If there is a chance it is the turf causing injuries, change it.  The players dont like it and that is enough for me.  That's their workplace.  They should have good working conditions.  There is more than enough money to make things better for the guys on the field.  Better for the game and the fans too if we get to see more of the guys that are rostered like Breece rather than lose them to injury.  I can see one good reason to resist changing the turf to a type that the players prefer.  The money is there. 

Agree.   Doubt it happens due to money. 

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I must have not made it clear earlier. The NFL responded to the NFLPA statement. 

The NFL released a statement Saturday after an NFL Players Association PR campaign against artificial turf surfaces, specifically the “slit-film surfaces” that seven teams play their home games on.

“As the NFLPA knows from the meeting of our Joint Field Surface Safety & Performance Committee earlier this month, there was no difference between the number of injuries on synthetic surfaces versus grass,” Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications, public affairs and policy, said in a statement. “While slit-film surfaces, one type of synthetic material, have 2-3 more injuries per year, most of them are ankle sprains — a low-burden injury — whereas slit film also sees a lower rate of fewer high-burden ACL injuries compared to other synthetic fields. As a result, the league and NFLPA’s joint experts did not recommend any changes to surfaces at the meeting but agreed more study is needed.”




the slit film surface, according to the NFL, is not more dangerous than grass, so nobody is changing it 

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On 11/12/2022 at 9:02 PM, Coffee Is Great said:

The joy of non-guaranteed contracts in the NFL.

Guaranteed or not the payroll is probably 100x what grass would cost. Not even taking account what losing a star player does to a team. It would cost a hell of a lot more in revenue all the way around for a hurt player than putting in grass. It's because they want to be able to use the stadium for other venues that they use turf. 

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1 hour ago, VJphillyfan said:

Just get a regular grass field.  Why is this do difficult?

Dunno.  I suppose money.  At times like this it is pretty clear that the NFL is an absolute profit driven entity.  They don't care so much about the working conditions of the players and others further down the chain.  They work very hard on their image and they react quickly when any given incident tarnishes their image, but that is all about money.  I always saw the NFL as an ideal looking house that is in perfect order and  has great curb appeal.  There is also an impressive and clean looking double door garage that has no windows and is securely locked.  Inside that garage are rusting 55 gallon drums stacked to the ceiling and filled with toxic waste. 

That's not the game of football or the football players, that's the NFL and in large part, the college system.  

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On 11/13/2022 at 11:47 AM, THE BARON said:

Right.  A stadium that can be used by all for football games, concerts, international games, etc. would not work.  But an amusement park for hyper wealthy and multimillion dollar condos was no problem to build.  I've seen all the new construction there.  Nothing all that special.  A stadium would have been used and appreciated by more people.  

Why not extend Manhattan like they did with Battery Park or build a pier ??? No real estate left in Manhattan ??? Make Manhattan bigger.  Look at the Palm Islands they made in the UAE.  Do the same in NYC.  


Blame Dolan and the NYC pols, don't blame the Jets for this one. 

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6 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

how much wear and tear came from met life turf before the injury? maybe completely unrelated, but I wonder.

Who knows but so much goes into injury situations. Guys today are so tuned and conditioned that I feel it has an impact where sudden change of direction leads to shearing.

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