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Is this draft already GOATed?


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Obviously it’s extremely early and a lot can happen between now and the next decade, but considering how bad/average we’ve been at drafting over the years, is this already a safe bet to be considered the Jets greatest draft of all time?  

Obviously you have drafts like 2000 where we got Pennington, Ellis, Abraham and I believe Coles; then ‘06 with D’Brick and Mangold, but the sheer quantity of high end players in this draft and the fact that there appears to be no throwaways to this point is pretty absurd. 

Sauce, Wilson, and Hall already look like pro bowl caliber players. JJ has recently started to show his potential and at the very least appears to be a solid all-around starter. Mitchell already looks like he can be a starting OT in this league and Clemons has been a solid contributor on defense. The only guy yet to do anything is Ruckert but that was pretty much expected considering the offseason moves. 

At the end of the day you could be looking at an all-pro, 2 pro bowlers, 2 quality starters and 2 solid backups/depth players. IMO that’s also capping Ruckert AND Clemons’ upsides since I believe they both can be more than that. 

it’s just crazy to look back on this draft and how huge it has been already. I’ve never seen anything like it in my time following this team, right at the start of the Pennington years. 

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