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"He's Been A Wrecking Ball" | Baldy's Breakdown: Quinnen Williams


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Finally playing to his potential, finally getting more snaps.  He STILL does not get enough snaps, he averages 66% of snaps now, 56th in the league.  Most of the dominant lineman in this league get way more snaps.  Still better than 59% of snaps he got last year. (Lower than JFMyers)



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19 hours ago, nj meadowlands said:

What's the conversion rate of wrecking balls to bowling balls with butcher knives @bitonti

This reminds me of an exchange from the office: 


Dwight: What is the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks?

Stanley: The same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.


note no one showing up to say hey Bitonti you were right about Quinnen Williams being an absolute stud worthy of payment. Instead it's like hey remember Drob? yall can kiss my flat long back  

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I saw this on the Athletic's power rankings:


"Here’s a good primer for familiarizing yourself with the players behind the Jets’ surprise season. Quinnen Williams has hit the quarterback on 6.5 percent of his pass-rush snaps, per TruMedia, the highest mark for any interior defensive lineman this season. To put that in context, Aaron Donald’s single-season high is 5.1 percent. Williams has been astounding this year."


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1 minute ago, nycdan said:

I saw this on the Athletic's power rankings:


the DL rotation has been a thing of beauty 

many people were against it especially in preseason, and some still are (!) but it will always makes sense to keep an impact player fresh 

it's smart Coaching by Saleh and company to give QW less reps to get more production out of him 


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