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Jets-Pats predictions

Jet Fan RI

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Jets 34

Pats 17

Jets are really motivated in this one and even though BB has had two weeks to prepare, the fact is that the Jets know he is going to have something up his sleeve and they will be on the lookout for something. The bottom line is the Jets are far too talented in coverage and pass rushing for the Pats to have success passing and the only way the Pats can win is to run the ball well. I think they will have some success doing so, but it will not translate to points. The game will be close through the 3rd Quarter and then the Jets will put it away in the 4th.

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25 minutes ago, Green DNA said:

This thread looks eerily similar to the prediction thread from the last Pats game.  

But it is different this time.

Ok, that was being sarcastic but I actually do believe it. At some point Zach has to have that game where he shows he is in fact the future and is capable of carrying a team. Not judging being a game manager but this kid has way too much talent for that to be his career.

He is either going to have that game that flips the switch or he possibly never works out.

Sunday in NE is that time and the makeup of this kid just does not seem to shy away from the adversity or play scared.

I am not predicting 400 yards passing or anything crazy, but I do think we are going to be saying this is the game where Zach showed he is in fact the solution, not just along for the ride. 


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13 hours ago, doitny said:

Zach has to prove that he doesnt look like a High School QB every time he faces Bill. cause  if he does it again maybe the rest of the league this time will follow his game plan. 

he doesnt have to put on his "big boy pants" on but he better put on some kind of pants. in 2 full games Bill has owned him. 

C'mon bud, you're better than this.

You're telling me a HS QB could go 20-41, 355 yds, 2 TDs against a BB defense?  If the kid throws a couple balls further out of bounds we probably win the game.

It wasn't a game anyone will use to defend his future in the league, but it also wasn't one that "proves" he doesn't belong in it either . . .

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Last yr the pats beat the bills on their 1st match in a game the bills should have won. the next meeting the bills trounced the pats 


I see a similar result on our 2nd meeting with them. We've seen their stuff and we go in sunday knowing we're the better team hands down.

If i'm wrong i'll send green dna to the mod room to blow all you guys.

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