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7 minutes ago, LionelRichie said:

Tough throwing conditions and Zach is a Mims drop away from a good half. 


underthrown pass to GW, blocked pass at the LOS which happens alot to him. overthrow that was nearly INT. 5 bounce pass to a open Moore in the 1st. 

the kid is 5-11 45% comp. thats not one good play from a good half. 

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3 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

I like LaFleur more than most but the game plan today is not good. 

Tackling was really bad in the first half, need for tighten that up in the second half. 

Zach needs to win this game for us. 

I don't hate LaFleur but he certainly wasn't nearly as creative as the pencil was in the 1st half.   


1 minute ago, Vader said:

Patriots defense is legit, just as good as ours, maybe better.

They can and do stop the run and if you pass, they get to the QB in no time. 

LaFleur has to open this game up somehow someway bc the pats don’t let us get into our rhythm.

The Pats defense has been very good but their offense has also been controlling the game.  Later in the 2nd quarter though, our DL started to get pressure like we're accustomed to.  

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