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Here are the top five quarterbacks in this year's draft class.

Bryce Young, Alabama. Big board rank: 1. ... 

Will Levis, Kentucky. Big board rank: 3. ... 

C.J. Stroud, Ohio State. Big board rank: 4. ... 

Tanner McKee, Stanford. Big board rank: 17. ... 

Hendon Hooker, Tennessee. Big board rank: 49.

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Just now, Dunnie said:

If you check my post from Thursday when we found out about the wind... I predicted the Zach haters coming out of the woodwork, the game being on OL/RBs and Lafleur ... And ...

I was not wrong.

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Mac Jones isnt having much trouble with that wind...

Sooooo your point is?

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Just now, More Cowbell said:

When your QB sucks as much as Zach is right now, what do you expect him to call. Recievers are open and Zach has short hopped or sailed a number of passes today. 

Well you are right guy been open all day and he misses them or doesn't see them.  But I think you might have an idea of what passes Zach is most comfortable with and stick to that type. Now it is possible that that is what is already happening...but agghhgggg this sucks 

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