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Just now, fusionCA said:

We are wasting the great defende on a pv qb

Yep it is all on the QB. while I agree that ZW has NOT played well. The OL can't protect or open holes. Mims dropped a gimme pass and we can't run worth crap. The whole O is lost - including the really bad play calling.

Mac Jones gets a lot of time and has wide open receivers. The Pats have has some really big plays both in air, plowing over defenders and the running game. Our O has done nothing. I get that we are really banged up on OL and we lost Breece, but someone has to make a play.

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It’s sad because this defense is incredible and there’s so much talent on this team. I’m still really optimistic but you can’t delay things for the future. The future is now and QB is killing this team. Even if Zach pulled something out of his ass and the Jets win, that doesn’t change anything. He’s literally the worst QB that I’ve ever seen and we are all experts at this points as Jets fans with all the garbage young QBs. They are all way better than Zach and it’s not even close. 

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Just now, JiFapono said:

The most embarrassing part about this is that Patriots suck.  Like legit, they're trash.

They have a good defense and are physical.  They have the GOAT HC.  But other than that, they really are not particularly good.

I can't even imagine what Mac would look like on a non-BB team.

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