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Just now, HighPitch said:

Nice Messing with you guys all these years but I think I’m gonna have a friggin Coreneri no joke

Lol....that's coronary bro. I don't usually di the grammar/spelling police thing but this one was embarrassing. And it took me a bit to figure out wtf you were saying

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1 minute ago, doitny said:

im done.... the Zach fans better hide this week. there is no excuse for this

and then you guys want to kill ML for calling run plays. this frigging kid cant even hit a screen pass

100%, he finally called RPO on the last drive when they were pinned, he gets a wide open drag and his qb does pirouette in the end zone and throws it away

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1 minute ago, JetsYanks13 said:

The offense looks atrocious! The pats are stuffing the line, throw the damn ball down the field rather than sideway

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This is right.  Looks like they’re afraid to take what the D is giving them.  Whether it’s they don’t trust Zach or some other reason. That’s what’s happening here. 

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