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8 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

Not sure how anyone can watch this and think LaFkeur is the problem.

It’s his job to coach the QB, know his strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the opponent and the weather and call the ******* game accordingly 


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1 minute ago, Gramsci said:

This is such an embarrassing display by Zach Wilson. FFS, what the **** is Robert Saleh thinking by keeping this guy on the field? 

They'll never put Mike White in there unless there's an injury to ZW.  As much as I dislike Flacco, I think he'd have done far better than Zach has this game.

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Just now, More Cowbell said:

At this point, the best thing that can happen is Zach gets injured and has to sit the rest of the game. Saleh won't  bench him. 

Which is why this is 100% on the coaches.

The kid is shell-shocked -- expecting anything out of him right now is completely ignorance/stupidity.  You put in White, or Flacco, or whoever is next in line.  ANYONE has to be better than what this kid is doing right now.

I don't need to hear excuses for why the kid failed, I want to hear why the coaches did . . .


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Just now, doitny said:

it wouldnt be bad if he could hit his receivers. 37 % man. how can you win like that. if your ML how can you call a pass play for this guy

ML has to either commit to the run then or let his sack drop and throw it on 2nd after an incomplete pass on first. This one foot in the deep end sh*t is terrible. 

This is by no means excusing ZW who has been the worst player on the field by far today 

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