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What Makes This So Hard . . .


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Is that we knew this was the year you needed to walk away from the season knowing if Zach was the answer or not.  I don't think any of us realized that we would be this good or have the potential to make a serious run at the playoffs or beyond.  Now that we know this is in the realm of possibility, it's hard to sit and watch this lack of performance from our QB (not that I could do better). 

You can't blame the weather . . . Jones threw the ball well.  Our D and 2 missed field goals kept the game as close as it was.

Zach missed throws and our OC couldn't adjust the game plan (frustration #2 of the day).

While Douglas is linked to Zach through the draft, it would make things worse if he didn't own up to a mistake and adjust to rectify it.  If the ship is going down, you've got to adjust before it does.  Players are professional, but if you don't make a change, you can't risk losing the locker room/the whole team for one player.  None of us are in the locker room but if you read between the lines and see receivers body language, you can see there's an issue. 

Problem is, we don't have a good answer.  Mike White played an unbelievable game vs Bengals but came down to earth after that. 

They'll probably play this out over the season as is, but I think we'll see an upgrade next season and then we're set.  Just hard having to watch  . . .

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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