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Saleh meeting with media today


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Have to imagine anything QB related is an organizational decision - even if it’s Saleh’s choice ultimately - and at the very least they know he’s going to need to have answers to those questions from the media and there needs to be buy in for those choices. Whether that means keeping him in or not.

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2 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

Because of the start of a mutiny in the locker room they may be carefully constructing answers to certain questions. 

I don’t know. I have to imagine they’re discussing the ramifications of making a change to White. Get the sense Woody is involved somehow. With the Jets these types of moves are heavy on the PR side too. Belichick has the ability to say and do whatever he wants without worrying about Jones feelings or any sway he’d have with ownership. Wilson’s relationship with the Jets is a bit more complex.

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1 minute ago, undertow said:

I would be shocked if Saleh went from not thinking about pulling Wilson yesterday to benching him...probably just making the clowns in the media sit around all day and miss dinner. lol

he hadn't seen the tape....

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