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If you think Saleh isn't the HC of our future


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21 minutes ago, PorP said:

I am suggesting the play was so putrid Sunday that is really impossible to pin point where it went wrong. I think that's over simplifying the situtaion


You keep saying 2 weeks but that's not true,  per the CBA the players had the same prep time of any other week. Good plan,  bad plan... we can't really tell cause the QB was so bad. That's for the players, but coaches don't need to abide by the CBA. Wouldn't it have nice to surprise Belichick with a few things he'd never expect?

The biggest ding in the staff in that game was not benching Zach after the first half. After the fact, you may be right about pulling him but he did do certatin smart things in the first half like run with the ball. But, coaching wise, they were ZERO half time adjustments.

And I'm over the QB crap.  I don't really care who said what... every QB over the last 60 years has flashed reasons they will be good starters someday... it's not all perfect but you see stuff here and there that tells you they're special... Agreed. Sitting him doesn't mean the end of him. I'm curious to see just how he'd act if they sit him. Will he be a good teammate by being encouraging everyone on the sidelines. Or will he sulk. It'll say a lot about his character. 

ZW's only claim to fame is a pro day throw. It was a nice throw!


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1 minute ago, Maxman said:

They lost the game, plenty of blame to go around. But Saleh has led this turn around, his scheme on defense is dominating. He stuck with Ulbrich when nobody would have questioned firing him last year. Saleh has a vision for all of this and it is coming together.

So he is a good coach, who is the head coach of the future for the NY Jets.

from your mouth...

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