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So now LaFleur is the problem, huh.


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5 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

to be fair wide open Mims is 50/50 chance of a completion. Again another player that has not been developed ... he is still a sh*tty body catcher that doesn't attack the ball.

I hear your point, it’s a decent one, but I’m of the school of thinking, any guy that wide open gets targeted, they All are Pros, who might be able to catch “better” shouldn’t enter into the analysis.

I think just about Every QB in the NFL goes to Mims in that situation, outside of Wilson, maybe just for the simple reason that they know coaches will be yelling at them while watching the tape and quickly asking “what the f**k were you thinking?, why did you do what you did?”.

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18 hours ago, football guy said:

It's unfair to paint LaFleur as the problem, but he contributes to some of the frustrations we're seeing boil over. The lack of in-game adjustments combined with dramatic differences in the passing gameplan/personnel usage has been an issue amongst the skill position groups, but also Saleh and the front office. Saleh, specifically, believes in simplicity so that players can think less and play more explosive, whereas LaFleur is more committed to identifying and attacking defensive weaknesses, which is why we see these weekly changes to how they try to attack defenses in the air. Saleh wants the offense to be easier and to commit to certain philosophies, so one of the major changes expected is that Saleh will be more involved in overseeing the weekly offensive gameplan --- lets call it "theme" --- going forward. 

As far as what happens moving forward. The rumor I have heard is that LaFleur wants Mike White to get an opportunity to run his offense. I'm not convinced Saleh is in his corner, and if he were, its likely more of a temporary measure/punishment for Zach's attitude post-game (reports of him "walking around like it wasn't his fault" are greatly exaggerated, but he was ***pissed*** after the game and was reluctant to recap things with LaFleur). I get that there were differences on the game-plan and there was a desire to change things up, but even if the wind is an issue that can't be the hill you die on as a player. It's concerning that Zach let so many things get in his head this week, and it's also concerning that he's letting his emotions get the best of him. He was mad, but the media response after the first NE game is the reason why he's been so snappy; according to his PR team, he has a real distain for Connor Hughes. Their take is that Connor has been a suck up ever since Zach arrived here and used the first loss as an opportunity to unfairly character assassinated him (again, this is Zach's perspective not mine) by labelling him as selfish and immature and entitled after the first NE loss. Fair, unfair, or otherwise, what Zach doesn't seem to realize that his tone and comment in his past few interactions with the media basically validates their criticisms of him on the surface. 

There's a lot to unpack with the Zach Wilson situation and while I am sure the team is not ready to give up on him, I would be remiss to ignore some of the red flags. I get that Zach is doing what he's being told to do; I get that he's playing within the gameplan even if that does in some ways "neuter" the passing game. As a player, your job is to execute the way its called. Even if its not perfect, the excuse making is concerning. He either has to take the offense by the balls and make it his own, or he's going to be on the bench. 

great color, thanks for sharing.

the offense needs a game against an easy defense, this week might be the one that gets everyone back in groove.

zach doesn't need a PR team, he needs to learn to spot the open receivers.  

i don't care about playing within the gameplan.  so many of his throws were just terrible this past week.

my guess is they start him but if he can't score in the first half he's getting pulled.  

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22 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

In the last 2 seasons, there have been 5 games where the Jets offense produced 30+ points. 

3 of them were games where Zach Wilson was NOT under center.  This despite Wilson starting 20 of the 27 games.  3 different QB's (White, Flacco, Josh Johnson) contributed to those points being scored.

I.E. 43 % of non-Wilson games have resulted in 30+ points of offense being scored, versus 10 % of Wilson games.

Stop blaming LaFleur.

Let's separate the magnitude of the problem with the offense.  

Zach is not getting better.  His footwork is lousy.  He is often late with his throws.  He is horrible when under pressure, etc.  I am not ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Is LaFleur doing a good job of creating consistent open looks for Zach?  I don't think so.  Watching a film and say that guy is open is easy.  If you watch Warner's breakdown, you notice that in many cases Zach is looking at the other side of the field.  If the first option is not open and the secondary is not open by the time he looks to the other side of the field, you see an opportunity that the quarterback doesn't.  The play identifies first option from secondaries.  Several are just Zach blew it but there are several where he had no options or the timing of open option was not aligned with the reads.

Here are my questions about LaFleur.  Warner outlined numerous cases where multiple receivers were in close proximity, eliminating both.  There were several cases where first options opened up before the QB was setup.  Warner commented that a 5 step drop out of the shotgun was the culprit.  There were noted cases where secondary options opened early, not allowing sufficient time to check first options and come back to secondaries in time.  There is a serious question as to whether LaFleur is truly maximizing the talent of his receivers, Mims, Davis and Moore have received limited targets.  Even Wilson seems lost in the game-plan some games (3 targets last week!!!!!!).   Running Carter inside and Robinson outside seems wrong.  Zach's footwork is troubling and reads are slow.  Isn't the coordinator supposed to help him work that out?

Zach is a huge problem but LaFleur should be all over lagging setup, improper timing on secondary options and improper spacing.  The timing of the execution is on the coordinator.

A veteran like Flacco will deal with these issues better than a young quarterback.  Regardless, you don't see these problems on other teams.  If the drop back is too slow, the timing of options is not in sync with the play, spacing is limiting options, etc,, isn't that up to the coordinator to fix?

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22 hours ago, Grandy said:

Not sure about our staffs ability to develop a QB, but that's maybe a Calabrese thing. However I do like LaFleur as an OC. 

I think that’s part of Zach’s big problem, he needed a viable quarterback coach and unfortunately I think that’s was knapp was brought in for and they never truly replaced his expertise , bring in Peyton to teach him 

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