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Rich Eisen on Can the Jets Trust Zach

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Very succinct summation of the current situation. His final point is controversial, though. Rich said that "If White is the starter, there's no looking back."

I don't see it that way. I think by benching Zach, it's a last ditch effort to save him, regardless of whether the team wins or loses without him.

Here's the potential outcomes if Zach starts on Sunday:

1. Zach gets rewarded for his aloofness and arrogance. Win or lose, Zach takes from this he can do whatever he wants, and their won't be any consequences that adversely affect him.

2, The Jets beat the Bears, and Zach puts in his usual, 0 TD's, 1 INT, throws for 100 yards. Business as usual. Next week, Zach sh*t's the bed, doesn't own it and we're right back where we are right now.

3. Zach sh*ts himself against the Bears. That's it. He's toast. Indeed, there will be "no looking back". Career over (at least here).

Let me state emphatically, it's in everybody's best interest to give him a timeout this week.

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