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"On Any Given Sunday"....


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15 minutes ago, SoFlaJets said:

Remember that old pro football adage, so don't get over-confident about tomorrow's game, these are still The CHICAGO BEARS, a pro team and a proud franchise with a banged-up but gutsy QB Justin Fields or his back-up Trevor Siemian an ex Jet filling in for him, and we all know how the Jets have played against back-up QBs...

Woo~~woo~~woo~~woo~~~~~~~ Once upon a time...It was December  6th 1981 and we were on a 5 game winning streak sitting at 9-2 when the Daily News beat writer (Serby?) was laughing about this QB who was going to be making his first NFL start filling in for Jets -killer Jim Zorn a Lefty gunslinger. The guy who had us all breathing a sigh of relief was from a little college that nobody had even heard of in the paper it was called "little Milton College" and they figured the Sack Exchange was going to make short work and minced meat out of the kid. Unfortunately what wasn't taken into account was that he had been working all week with Steve Largent who ended up catching a game-winning 57 yard TD pass from the kid he had 7 catches for 169 yards. -turns out the kids'  name was Dave Krieg and he went 20-27 for 264 2TDs 3 INTs as well as 1 rushing TD on to beat us that day on his way to a Hall of Fame career.

Don't get too cocky guys...We need this one

I just do not like this game.

I really hope I am wrong.

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1 hour ago, Beerfish said:

The 3-8 obviously tanking Bears will likely be without their starting QB, the Jets are at home, the Jets have removed the supposed biggest impediment to them wining games.

They lose to the Bears and all the playoff talk will have been a naive fantasy.

Why exactly do you feel they need to tank? They’ll pick top 4 no matter what and they have their FQB. Don’t you think they’re now thinking culture change?

If Fields doesn’t play tomorrow it’ll only be because he’s injured and they’re protecting him.

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