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4 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Our ability to fail at fumble recoveries is astonishingly impressive.

We always find a way.

That’s totally our long-standing talent as a franchise 

it doesn’t matter who the players are, who the coaches are, who the GM is, or who owns the team. Nobody botches fumble recoveries like us. 

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Love to see Mike white doing what he is doing its is simply amazing how using playmakers and throwing to open wr all game helps your team. I mean this system and play calling with our talent is great, our guys are no more open than they have been all year. 

It's just Mike white can play qb at a competent level. It's glorious 

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1 minute ago, Anthony Jet said:

Great day to be a jet fan. And don’t want to be that guy. But this is the bears defense down there 5? Best players. Great game. Gotta do this against good teams. 

All that said Mike White has given us 2 great games in his jet career. More than we can say for any of the QB we drafted passed decade 

Just remember that White’s big game against Cincy last year the “talent” he had surrounding him was pretty much garbage.

I fully expected a big game from him today because the Jets have serious talent on offense now with Garrett Wilson leading the pack and possibly the best RB in the league coming back next year.  You’ll see both TE acquisitions all of a sudden contributing too.

I also expected a big game from White because Mike LaFluer even schemed a 300 yard passing out of Josh Johnson last year.

300 yard passing games with LaFluer as OC seem to be the norm rather than some rare event, when he doesn’t have this poor kid who we now know sometimes doesn’t know the play called 5 seconds prior when he gets to the line.

Man, I really hope the Jets don’t lose LaFleur to a HC job.  I mentioned that before.


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