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2 minutes ago, Icer said:

If Nathan Peterman lights us up I am going to jump off a bridge

LMAO, you have to remember two things-the Jets have been historically horrible against B/U quarterback but he is the backup TO the backup so that just might negate the  whole waddy waddy foo foo. Secondly, this is one of those games that the Jets are "SUPPOSED" to win, now if they can actually win it, the corner may just be starting to get turned

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21 minutes ago, Maxman said:

Are you thinking of fant? Browns been good, he gets vet days off during the week sometimes.

No I’m thinking I have covid brain. People have been telling me more often that they told me something and I just have no memory of it and it’s not the “ husband not listening to his wife “ thing. Oh well I had 55 good years lol 

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3 minutes ago, Lith said:

Sitting next to a guy at the bar. Never seen him before but he is wearing Jets stuff so I strike uo a conversation. Turns out he is in from S Florida for the holiday and wanted to watch at the Jets bar in town. Ok. Seems like a nice enough guy. So I ask him if he is planning to go the the game in Miami in January. He says, well I am a Dolphin fan too. WTF!!!??? How are you a Jet and Dolphin fan.

Turned my barstool the other way. I am done with this fraud. Jet-Dolphin fan. That is not possible. Dude does not deserve my time or the pleasure of my conversation during the game.

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Some people are like that I have two seperate friends who were die hard Yankees fans....one moved to Atlanta and turned into a Braves fan the other moved to AZ and turned into a D-Backs fan.

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