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Robert Saleh Press Conference (11/30)


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2 hours ago, Warfish said:

Something that has been said early on for almost every Jets HC (sans Crazy Eyes, lol).

Did anyone say the things you left out of the post you quoted? Because I don’t feel like all of those qualities were assigned to too many of our coaches. 

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3 hours ago, batman10023 said:

Most Jet coaches start out hot and fade.  i think the recent ones all had winning records first season.

RS did it the other way hopefully

He had a rough first season and in Week 2 this season there were torches and pitchforks coming out for him.  Some wanted him fired during this season.  It was just another sign of the impatience of our fanbase.  It's not Robert Saleh's fault that we've been burned so many times.  He and JD are both playing the long game here.

JD tearing it down, getting rid of dead weight, making smart trades with Darnold and Jamal, etc. to get ammo to re-load with young talent.  It doesn't happen in a year or two.

Saleh is a culture guy and that takes time as well.  He's teaching a bunch of 22 year olds how to be pros and how to win.

The Jets will have a MUCH better chance at longterm, sustained success because of how JD and Saleh approach their jobs.  They're not taking shortcuts to make fans or Woody happy, they're not signing has-beens like Le'Veon Bell or Trumaine Johnson to put fans in seats, and they're obviously not staying married to a highly drafted QB just to avoid admitting he may not be the guy.  For once, it feels like we're doing things the right way.

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