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Vote for this week’s uniform combo


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On 12/2/2022 at 10:46 AM, DoubleDown said:

I think I saw an article a couple months back that Saleh does not like the green uniforms.  Hence, we have been wearing white and black almost exclusively this season.

well he wants the chance a losing culture and we have been wearing green our whole history. 

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5 hours ago, PepPep said:

I vote green. 

No lie, these are probably my favorite Jets jerseys ever. Home uniforms 1990-97, Kelly Green. I would love to see the Jets have a throwback game where they wear these. 

Here is how they are described: 

'The Jets uniforms received some minor changes in 1990. Black facemasks were added to the green helmet, and the "JETS" logo was also outlined in black. White stripes on the jersey were also trimmed in black, including on the sleeves and collar, as were the white numbers and letters.

The green stripes on the pants were also outlined in black on either side. Socks remained white on the bottom, but were now green with two white stripes on the top.'


The all time greatest loser uniform in league history. Good god people.

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20 hours ago, doitny said:

Patriots used to wear all red uniforms. Tampa Bay had those horrible orange ones. Denver too. all those teams got better when then changed their uniforms. 

Different : Both those colors were always part of the color scheme for their respective teams. // Black was not for the Jets. Just saying .. I like the Black personally .. But these Unis need a complete overhaul or go back to the traditionals.

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