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3 minutes ago, CanadaSteve said:

And if we make it, go down and score and get back in the game, its brilliant.

Ballsy call, nothing wrong with it.  If the receivers would actually catch the ball, we could be in this game.  4th drop today. 

Sorry, bad call. Bad timing. Just because it may not kill us. Offense has done nothing and D has been giving up big drives. Stupid. And, who starts the second with the ball. Just dumb IMO.

I can spend all of my savings on lottery tickets. It would be stupid move. If it works out, it doesn't make the move smart, it just makes me lucky.

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1 minute ago, SR24 said:

Elijah Moore has been open like 4 times today and hasn’t got the ball cmon 

Saw that too. Have to wonder if something is up with the progressions and where Elijah Moore sits in that order. If he is the third or fourth option and White simply isn’t getting to that look then that would explain it. But obviously White isn’t the first quarterback to have almost completely forgotten about Moore this season.

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5 minutes ago, JiFields said:

Welp, this one is over.  Refs handed the Vikings 14 and the Jets didnt get off the plane.


Can only hope to get a quick 7 from D or ST, then get our offense to start driving the ball and give our D time to re-establish.

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