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Just now, Jolot said:

I don’t think White is playing that bad , don’t understand some of the takes on here . 


I have to remind myself that most these takes come from people with an agenda or who genuinely don't understand what they're watching, and just reduce everything to "derp the quarterback should do this, not that derp".

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Just now, SuicidalSince98 said:

They trust a 60 yard FG more than they do white to pick up 3 yards

What would they do after they got the first?  Kick the field goal from 4 yards closer?  He cleared it by 5 yards so... So you just kick it and save the headache after making them waste a TO.

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Huge FG. 2 score game.


I dont think anybody for the jets played well in the first half, including White. Guys arent helping him out, but the passes also arent as crisp as last week, and he has a missed a couple of open guys.

Vikings players on both sides of the balls are making plays, jets players arent.

They need a stop and a score to start the 2nd half. Time to wake up.

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3 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Wilson, drop.

Moore, forgets to footdrag.

no one is doing anything well today. 

F’ing same old Jets.

I hate that expression. The uniform doesn’t lose games. These players and coaches have nothing to do with past teams. That’s a Mike Greenberg type statement. This team is young and still finding its way. Losing on the road to a 9-2 team is nothing to be embarrassed about. 

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16 minutes ago, jetsons said:

And if the jets scored a TD every time they had the ball they'd be up by multiple TD's... see how that works. 😉

I'm not asking for multiple times. Move the chains, keep their O off the field, give your D a rest, not always but an offense has to do more than 3 and out. I'm not expecting that from this O, and Qb playing together for the second time, and a Qb with his 4th start overall, but the Jets have had that MO for years. We need 6's not 3's. There is a prime example of what they do..........But they are young I'm counting on JD I don't expect this to go on year after year again.

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Just now, neckdemon said:

So can mike white throw the ball further than 10yds?

@Jolot see what i mean? on the last drive alone he did this several times, one for a great sideline completion - the other 2 times? garret wilson had both hands on a bomb and elijah couldn't get his feet down on a pass that gave him plenty room to do so

but of course, "it's the qb derp"

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