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<<<<<<< Jets vs Vikings -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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2 minutes ago, tdoublee said:

Game. LaFluer is the weakest link on this team, not Zach. He's a nerd who has zero feel for the game.

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I keep saying it MLF called plays that made Wilson less effective and does not call a consistent game right now!

White would be 100% times more effective if the play-calling were better! 

How folks don't see this is beyond me!

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Just now, Yeetin It said:

Exactly the game we didn’t need. White has an average to below average game. Let the speculation begin about our biggest problems

QB is the biggest problem on the NY Jets right now.

The weapons are there - MN. is going to score points - D might not be as good as we think, but still solid.

We just need to do whatever we can in the off-season to land the best QB possible.

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10 minutes ago, Sir Speez said:

Another 1 down - 2 to go ?

Ok 10 FG’s win this Game 5 down - 5 to go ?

Can we get some of the New Math help or some of that 4th Qrtr Jets Magic!!!!

Just like that BAM & Wilson!!!!!!

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