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1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I mean that sounds like a pretty strong statement from the prosecutors. Doesn't mean he won't lose a civil suit. Probably still not worth the head ache for an idiot liquored up kicker, but I'll bet someone takes a shot on him.

I see what you did there, BMC.



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This is just a terrible situation.

Either he has gotten away with a heinous crime or his entire life has just been ruined by a false accusation.  There really isn't any middle ground here.

The Jets and every other team will likely just choose to let this cup pass.  It ain't like he is a QB after all

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16 hours ago, Larz said:

If the statement was that the story was a made up fabrication then yeah but a lack of evidence is not enough to sign him imo. 

This guy told the girl to get tested for std’s? Right ?

Agreed.  I'm also relatively sure by now that JD is trying to build a high character locker room.  Pass.

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