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Happy Birthday To The Late Great Gregory LeNoir Allman

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Oh cmon thats nit picking….

happy birthday greg! Miss u tons. 

I was at his last show at wannee a few months before he died. He still kicked ass. In my jam room I have an awesome red brick from his brothers grave. They remodeled it for greg and butch and i was there at the right time and snagged it

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15 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

If youre ever driving through georgia you must stop for a few hours in macon. Its a really interesting lil town with some crazy old mansions in various stages of disrepair and the graveyard has the boys, lil martha and elizabeth reed

Is that where the original band house is located HP?

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I was madly in love with this chick from art class in High School from Kenilworth her name was Linda Patrick. Linda was beautiful in that early 1970's style, long frizzy/curly dirty blonde hair, skinny (like we ALL were back then) overalls, worn over the top of a halter top with no bra of course, in the style that so many Jersey girls would rock back then. Linda asked me "Hey ya wanna go see the Allman Brothers band at Roosevelt Stadium?" "OK, great just give me X amount of $$ and I'll get us the tickets". Being the idiot that I always was for her in those innocent and horny days naturally I ups with the cash. This was the summer of 74 and I'd been hot for Linda for a couple of years by then, never getting anywhere sexually-but not for the lack of trying. So it's the day of the show and we pile in the back of some old Impala with these people that she knew from Roselle or Roselle Park and we're fooling around in the back seat smoking doobs and grabbing ass but then during the show she gives me the slip, with one of those "you want a soda?" Yea sure here, get me a pretzel too as I peel off a couple of bucks and she's off and ends up frigging stranding me in the middle of Jersey City so she could go off with these guys and get high and get laid. I have no recollection of how I got back to Garwood that night and after that episode we were pretty much done. Then one afternoon she calls me at the apartment we had which was located above The Station Bar & Grille at Center St and South Ave, catty-corner from the Police department and she sounded really strange and down in the dumps. A couple of weeks later I found out that she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head with a .22 a frigging tiny 22 caliber bullet which rattled around her skull and din't kill her so fast. Poor thing. I wrote a song about her that I used to perform a lot during the Open Mic nights at the Celebration Playhouse on South Avenue in Cranford. It was called Most Likely To Cry. It was an amazing time to grow up in the USA , they hadn't invented Herpes and AIDS yet and girls would ask you if you wanted to screw. The older guys here remember what it was like when bands like The Allman Brothers, Lynryd Skynrd , Led Zep, The Who, Clapton, CSNY so much great music. Guys like NJ, southparkca, green ghost GreenBean,  the older guys in their mid-60's  were there too.

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