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Michael Clemons Questionable; NY Jets Injury Report


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NY Jets Injury Report

The Jets had the flu bug making the rounds this week and several players missed practice because of it earlier in the week. Michael Clemons is still dealing with it and he missed practice on Friday. He is listed as questionable for the game.  Michael Carter is back so that is great news for the running game.

The full injury report for the NY Jets and Buffalo Bills is listed below.  Here is the update that Robert Saleh gave on Max Mitchell who was placed on I.R. earlier this week.

When did you guys find out?

It was after the game, and again as far as details, if the family and Max want to talk about it, they can and get more details, but it was a non-football injury and it’s very unfortunate, but thankfully he’s got a chance to get healthy and get ready for next week.

Diagnosis? When you hear blood clots it isn’t exactly like a sprained ankle.

Well, it’s the whole medical staff, you have your medical meeting in the morning, on Monday morning, and they dish out the news and you look at the depth chart and get rolling.

Is that scary when you get news like that? I mean that’s not like normal football stuff.

Yeah, I can imagine. I mean a doctor will have a lot more knowledge on that, in terms of life threatening.

Well, it’s shocking because you’re not expecting that, you’re expecting something completely different, but just thankfully for him, he’s got a chance and we’ll get him back soon.

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