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1 minute ago, Origen said:

Yappy was the term.  I tend to think the criticism leveled like this are so short sited and come up in Necro'd comments to humiliate the speaker that I find them ridiculous.  Especially if you look through other past comments where we have people already worried that MLF is going to get sniped as HC somewhere before he can groom a replacement here...


Does anyone have an internal monologue to decide whether or not these are worthwhile or even remotely within the realms of reality before typing?  I dunno, call me crazy.

You are so poetic - let me try F' U. I made a comment that I think is fair, the whole board is bitching about something. You may love MLF, but I don't - he sucks. He doesn't play to the strengths of the team. Speaking of internal monologue - you should try it. I don't have to respect past comments on MFL, and I felt it was worthwhile for me to vent about stupid play calling. 

So, lets make a deal - you save your condescending comments for someone else and I will not comment on your stupidity.

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