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1 minute ago, JetsYanks13 said:

I broke my ribs, believe me you know is the organs are punctured. If it’s ribs, then I don’t think he’s back for at least 4-6 weeks

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Broken ribs don't puncture organs, other than maybe the pleura of the lungs which can cause a pneumothorax...that would be rare.

But the force of the hit/trauma itself can rupture the spleen...but that would also be rare.

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Jets are perennially ranked at or near the top with regard to injuries..year after year

this season I believe they have been close to middle of the pack… for a change

until today…   Suffering numerous devastating injuries on both sides of the ball


some things never change

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1 minute ago, RoadFan said:

Mike White can sling it.  Anticipation and arm is high quality.

But he is too skinny and doesn’t seem to have any feel how to slide in the pocket.

He’s played 6 games and been hurt in 3…

He does a bad job at protecting himself and moving in the pocket to do so. 

Our offensive line is also doing a sh*t job protecting him.

Zach avoids getting killed because he's too busy bailing and running everywhere behind the line of scrimmage.

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