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Did MW do enough to keep ZW from starting next week?

Cut Jet Penalty Makers

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Yea, this game was lost by the o-line and the two turnovers. Michael Carter doesn’t fumbled, that FG we made at the end of the game is likely to tie the game. 

team is still young and you can’t make as many mistakes as they did today and expect to beat elite teams on the road.

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Yes, he has done enough to play as long as he is healthy. He has also played well enough to have a shot at the #1 QB spot next year.

While he is a tough dude, the injuries are concerning. Like I posted in the other thread, he has been injured in 4 of his 6 starts. And he frequently looks like he is in pain when he gets hit. We need to add another veteran who can also start to the QB room as White's durability has to be a concern. He needs to add some clean weight to his frame if possible. 

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Just now, Cut Jet Penalty Makers said:

I think he did but does this loss give Saleh and JD the excuse they need to bring ZW in?

He easily did enough.  He's been let down by several players including his offensive line and CJ Mosley's inexcusable offside at the end of the half.

The Jets can win with Mike White, Garrett Wilson, and Bam Knight.  Horrible fumble by Michael Carter on the heels of the offense's many mishaps last week.  

Now, I am concerned about him staying healthy enough to be our QB :).  But that's a different question.

The future is extremely bright.  Games like this make me double down on my belief we need to go offensive early and often in the coming draft.

Round 1:  Big WR who can score in the red zone

Round 2:  OT

Round 3:  Center




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I think he has, but a part of me is skeptical about what the team will do. Zach doing well against the Bills and winning can now be compared to White losing and getting beat up against them. White has also lost twice in a row with not great play. Someone may also say that Wilson was 5-2, and White is 1-2 so Wilson's skillset was able to keep defenses honest. I personally think it's silly to think that way, but I wouldn't put it past them. They've been quite unpredictable. 

Now would be the time to put Wilson back in if they really want to. Unless he's really hurt, I think we've seen the worst football from White this year already. Our end of year defensive slate should let White put up some big performances if he's allowed to play which would effectively shut down Wilson talk. 

Tricky times are ahead. Hope we do the right thing and stick with the best QB.

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