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3 hours ago, JTJet said:

Flacco ain't getting cut no matter how bad he is. 

JD and Saleh are not dumping him with 4 games left. He will end his career after this contract with the Jets. 

They will and SHOULD however demote him to 3 and activate Strev. 

Cutting Flacco only opens a spot on the roster. Who would we put on the roster in his place. We have to pay out his contract anyway - I agree - he isn't getting cut.

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27 minutes ago, Ghost said:

He always looks so ******* miserable. I sensed the lack of energy and I was watching it at home in my mom’s basement eating stale pretzels. 

Lol, the guy cannot be the backup next week. I've never seen a guy look so annoyed to be forced to play QB. Wilson has been given a few weeks to think about his stupidity, get him back out there as the backup. 

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6 hours ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

You do realize Flacco is 10x the qb Zach Wilson is right? Only thing ZW does better is using his mobility. Unfortunately he uses that mobility to run 35 yards backwards. He avoids the sack but that’s about it. 

flacco will be gone at year end. ZW we are stuck with for another year unfortunately. If he wasn’t drafted 2nd overall he would be a practice squad player.  

So in conclusion Flacco and Wilson both suck.

If we can get a time machine, all we have to do is get the Flacco from 6 years ago…otherwise I can go with Zack as the back up…

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