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Home dogs to the LIONS?


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6 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

And a dome team playing outside on the east coast in December has nothing to do with this game? They'll be lucky to reach 17 pts not counting turnovers.

They scored 31 against the Giants a few weeks ago but Goff was only 17/26 for about a buck seventy.  

Two of the Lions touchdowns came on drives of 18 and 31 yards after Giants turnovers.  

The Giants def is trash.  

Like you said, if the Jets don’t turn the ball over and give the Lions a short field, I would be surprised if they scored 21. 

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Just now, Warfish said:

The Jets were 5-2, mostly against bad/down teams and backup or 3rd string QB's.

And that's not actually an answer.

Do you think he would have looked/done better yesterday, in those conditions?

No, I was being sarcastic. 

I know the Jets won in spite of Wilson, because I watch the games, and I am not blind.

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Based on most statistics, the Jets should win this game. Lions have been almost historically bad in road game record under Dan Campbell, They haven't beaten a team this season with a top 7 defense, Jets have only lost to a below average defense once, ect. ect.

But the Jets have no momentum right now and the Lions are on fire. Not to mention a Lions loss means the Vikings clinch their division. That's the big statistic. The Jets are 2-4 in their last 6 and the Lions are 5-1. 

The worst part? At the end of October the Jets were 5-3 and the Lions were 1-6. If the Jets lose they will have the same record.

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6 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

D**king around with Wilson is largely to blame.

Implementing White as starter sooner, or at least subbing him in in the NE games, might have put us in a great position right now.  

Saleh and Douglas will be thinking about this while they watch wild card weekend on their couches. Hopefully they learn from it.

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