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6 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

Again, I’m not saying Vick levels of mobility, but Jimmy G, John Elway, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, RGIII (rookie year), are all guys who had athleticism to roll out, and all experienced success operating the system.

You forgot the nimble athlete that is Matt Ryan.

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2 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

I’m not joking when I say this:

The officials and the league were, very clearly, not happy with Garrett Wilson calling them out.

100% agree. Clear as day at this point. 

And I'm one that believes the refs havent been an issue all season, but with the fine on GW and some calls today, it's pretty obvious. 

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That was PI he pulled him back and impacted his ability to catch it. So frustrating.

Good to end the half tied. Jets get the ball and let Zach build on the first half.

The kid is streaky they have to remember that. Getting him off to a fast start is so important.

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1 minute ago, Irish Jet said:

The lack of calls we get are just disgraceful.

Zach flashing that arm talent like never before though. Credit to him.

True.  Despite what some claim the kid has talent and the high ceiling.  Now he was very raw and the mental aspect of the Game is the big issue but so far it looks like him sitting down watching snd studying film had helped him 

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Just now, SR24 said:

At what point do these refs get held accountable for being absolute ******* dog sh*t. Jeff Smith was tackled before the ball even got to him in the Endzone that’s a game changing call that they just don’t make

"This isn't OSU, Kid"


Jets won't get another call this year. Woody will be..


office space i would set the place on fire too if i didnt get my cake GIF by Maudit

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2 minutes ago, Stark said:

Lol. You put Zackenberg in the “good qb” category?


Something wrong my man

I’m watching the game not scoring ZW v MW by each pass.  Don’t give a shlt what he is 20 games in, care what he shows
The goofy name says it all.  

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Except for a ST's gaff, they held the Lions to 3 points and Zach played really well w/ very little running support, no Davis and losing Mims on the first drive.

Pretty solid if you ask me. 

Jets get the ball at the half, script a ******* TD and go lock this mother ****er down

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