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4 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

That Rams win still stings

Brutal but the fact we had to go 0-16 takes the sting off a bit, tough task to do. Even if we don’t beat the Browns they had SOS advantage for the #1 pick at 1-15. They should still be investigated for benching Minshew all year though. Blatant tanking 

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Just now, Dcronin said:

It is not remotely winnable, because Zach Wilson is in. The only thing to deduce from this is the Jets want to lose.

Any 1 score game is winnable, regardless of who is at qb. The defense or ST could always make a scoring play

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Just now, DoubleDecker said:

This Jets collapse during the last 5 games should be a master class in " if you don't have a QB, you have nothing."  Idc how much the core is great etc. The Jets must move mountains to get competent QB play for however long they can until the guy is found 

We’ve had 3 above avg QB games over that stretch 

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