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Okay....Just read some other posts.

We HAVE to let go that this is a conspiracy.  I get it, its 2022 and EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.

Mike White has BROKEN RIBS EVERYONE.  No doctor is going to clear a football player 5 days after breaking ribs.  It isn't 1974 and you 'tough it out.'

Just stop.  Zach is playing because Mike is hurt.  Now, if Mike gets cleared and he doesn't play, we'll talk. 

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Just now, ausman said:

I did but you didn’t bother to read it.

No you didn’t.  You just said “he’s young” and complained about “haters” while excusing Wilson for an egregiously bad INT that no QB should throw.

That’s not an argument, lmfao.  A football related argument would be me saying “Zach had ______ open, made the wrong read, and threw an incomplete pass, that should have been a TD if he made the right read.”

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