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Team Weaknesses that MUST be addressed in 2023

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Things are becoming clearer..

Here is my list.  What is yours?

BIG focus on offense!!

1. QB (obviously).  I believe the Jets put up 27-30 points with White yesterday.  Too many missed throws from Wilson, snowballing after his INT, which seemed to get in his head confidence wise until he hit G Wilson deep.  Started game down, then mostly up, then down, then mostly up.

2023:  I’d love to see White back or a move on to a Minshew.  We cannot bank on Zach (nor is he a fit for a quick passing offense), that much is clear.  Main worry on White is durability 

2. Interior OLine.  There has been more talk about the tackles but the interior cannot get a push in short yardage situations and cannot maintain a clean pocket for the QB to step into.  We love to run on first down and SUCK at it.  It’s turned into a waste of a down and 3rd down has become a passing or trick play love fest resulting in subpar conversion rates.

2023:  Prioritize in FA & Draft.  Do not resign McGovern who consistently fails to call out stunts and lacks any power game.  Cut Tomlinson (a major disappointment) post June 1 ($13M savings; $4M dead cap in 2023, 2024).  Re-sign LDT and/or Herbig for depth.  Herbig has failed to earn the starting spot in 2023.  Welcome back AVT!


3. Right Tackle.  Fant has been horrible except for Minny.  Can’t rely on Becton .. and Mitchell has health issues.

2023:  Prioritize in FA and/or Draft.  Goodbye to Fant.  I expect a healthy & thus more productive Brown back at LT..  why would he retire with $10M on the table?  Jets have so many other holes offensively.  


4. Lack of big play making WR who can get open and score TDs in the red zone.  Garrett needs some help and Mims is little more than a nice depth piece.

2023:  Round 1.  Most cost effective way to nab one.  Save $10M on cannot stay healthy and not a red zone threat Davis.  This one is becoming obvious.  The TEs are far less an issue than #2 WR and aren’t going anywhere when looking at cap ramifications.  Hope Ruckert can take a big step forward and happy to see the vastly under-targeted Uzomah score 2 TDs yesterday.  Guy has a 90% catch rate


I won’t spend a lot of time on defense except to note Mosley cannot be retained at a $17M salary.  That’s a loser’s mentality, much like when the Knicks kept Patrick Ewing past his prime because they felt they owed it to him.

Whitehead is likely safe and a good enough player but free safety and coverage linebacker are big priorities.  

I’d like to see Rankins back or a Rankins type player to partner with Q.

Lastly, Mann is a big liability who comes up short time and time again.  A high touchback rate and ill timed shanks.

Berrios has disappointed :( and is too expensive for a #2 slot and punt returner with a a very high fair catch rate.  He has come up small in big situations including drops and letting punts roll by him.  

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