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If it comes down to the Dolphins game - possible tie and both in?

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2 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

Would there be a scenario where the Jets/Dolphins orchestrate a tie so they both get in? Two buddies playing against each other - game is tied - kneel at the 5 in overtime so they both get in? I've been thinking way too much about the Jets. ? ?

I hope so....Jets take a knee and both teams get in. But then Saleh crosses them up and kicks a 60 yard FG as time expires sending the Fish home. That would be awesome! We get in AND we get to celebrate ruining Tua's big coming out season.

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3 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

if the Jets go 2-0 and the fins go 1-1 leading up to W18, a tie gets the Jets in. The fins would not unless the Ravens went 0-2 leading up to w18.

I remember rooting for a similar situation last year but the teams did not cooperate.


Cool, but we likely won our last game of the year already.

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