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Just now, bostonmajet said:

Did you not watch that series? forget the offensive penalties (stupid mistakes that are clearly not ZWs fault); first down run and loss of 7 (every time they run on 1st we get nothing - everytime we throw on 1st better), then a false start (which the other team does all the time and doesn't get called), then on 2nd and 21 he goes to throw and gets rushed (dumb throw yes, but no time). ZW didn't get involved until the 3rd play and it was 2nd and 21 - ZW may suck but any QB who is struggling is going to look bad when handed that position.


Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

Now do the limp-d*ck toss up into triple coverage.


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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

Zach sucks, but this one is on Saleh right now. Flat as a pancake in a do or die game.

I'd imagine the D is drained after all of these close losses + a short week but have to be better. The offense is just a travesty though. You like any QB's in this class? 

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