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Just now, LockeJET said:

The Jets basically feasted on some back up quarterbacks early in the year, and most likely will finish the season losing six in a row. MLF is a problem, Saleh is a potential problem, and we have no quarterback. Garbage!

There is no "potential" about Saleh. 

He IS a huge problem. 

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3 minutes ago, Coquito said:

Come on, the defense is not playing championship football right now. I get it, Zach sucks. But let's not get stupid and give away the farm for Carr or Garoppolo. 

Let's be a playoff team, first. Baby steps. We are not a playoff team. 

The only guy I'd consider trading for would be Aaron Rodgers.  And I'd be good with signing TB12.  But I fully agree that Carr and Jimmy G are NOT the way to go.

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12 minutes ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

This is hard to watch, to say the least. Defense can't stop a nosebleed and Zach is doing his usual -- running around like a chicken without a head and throwing into traffic or dumping off after holding the ball for an eon. 

Engagement is poor they know there is nothing on offense 

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