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4 minutes ago, Warfish said:

It’s almost like this happens a lot, so much so a nickname might be warranted.

Same Old Jets.

Yes, I'm sorry I doubted you.  You predicted this all and I thought, no way...and now I'm like, oh yeah, duh, it's the Jets.

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Just now, JTJet said:

Granted Zach is ******* terrible. 

But god damn have you EVER seen a regime make a bad QB even worse, like Saleh and Co. Have done with Zach? 

It seems to defy logic and it SHOULD be a death sentence for this regime. 

Actually, that same claim has been made for literally every failed QB in Jets history.  Meanwhile, the very recent first-ever of them to have done any better with other coaches was Geno after a mere decade in the league across 4 teams.

It's not even a debate of how well the coaches are doing, because we're talking about a QB who actually has worse fundamentals than some high school QBs.  There is literally not one single thing that excuses even a moment of his play when you consider it looks pretty equivalent to any of us getting blindingly sh*tfaced at a tailgate and then stepping under center.

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

lol I feel like I'm taking crazy pills right now.  What scheme works when your offense can't keep the D off the field over a 4-day period?

fatigue is a straw man. it's not a real excuse. Jax just played Dallas. And won. 

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Just now, heymangold said:

Zach’s had a total of like half a second to throw that series, what do you want him to do?


Literally anything other than what he is doing. 

Go Willie Beaman and say **** the coach, go out there and do what you want. 

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2 minutes ago, Drums said:

Welp, I was still holding out hope Zach could get his sh*t together but he is absolutely awful. This is the Pats game all over again but even worse.  I'd start Strevler in the third.

I don't think this is worse than the Pats game but it's certainly not good.

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