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12 hours ago, Jetsfan4life90 said:

Nah, with an actual QB, this team is a clear playoff team. Injuries and Zach Wilson have basically killed this season. 

I don't think you understand my point. Yes, Zach is hot garbage. He's done. But let's not pretend we are a QB away from winning the SB next year. WE ARE NOT. So let's not do anything stupid thinking we're in a big ******* rush to win it all next year. The window is open past 2023. That sucks, but that's reality. Even Mahomes can lose a playoff game (at home) to the Tennessee Titans. 

Do you really want to shoot your load on Carr or Garappolo just to lose a playoff game? And then what?


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Just now, bgivs21 said:

There's plenty of ammo to get on ZW but anyone watching this game saying ZW is the main problem in this game clearly has an agenda or is flat out retarded. 

You need to go back and read some of my posts loser. 

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