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1 minute ago, Jolot said:

Wow . Coward move by Saleh here 

Need a spark here. Going with Wilson any further and not changing things is bad coaching. This game is not out of hand and,  in theory same with a playoff berth. That's all going away if things don;t chnage very quickly. 

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LOL - this is terrible - we can't even punt, we should be good at it by now.

Saleh isn't getting fired this year. The goals were to fix the D and play meaningful games in December - he did both - the OL and WR corp disintegrated on them. And MLF ruined ZW. He may have to throw MLF under the bus, but Saleh gets another year.

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9 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

**** ... Launch him at half time just so you bozos can see it's not just the QB.

Seriously ... Better off for the kid to develop elsewhere while this sh*t fan base golf claps for mr mediocre.

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We've already seen this offense play well with other QBs, ya dildo.




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1 minute ago, Paradis said:

As good as Bam’s been, he has to be better than. That was bush league. Keep your head up and your feet moving. He just ran straight into the center. Need more vision. 

Play Carter. Bam looks slow as hell. Getting through zero contact. 

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